100% Pure Hibiscus Powder

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Ingredients: 100% Pure Hibiscus Powder
Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis (Powdered)
Be it the world of Ayurveda or the Traditional Chinese herbal medicines, the concoction with the hibiscus flowers show a great effect on the hair & scalp. Oa 100% Pure Hibiscus Powder is known as one of the best secrets to health & beautiful hair. Hibiscus has a soothing and cooling action on the scalp. It is widely used for the treatment of dandruff and hair fall.
It is one of the most luxurious and exotic way to pamper the health of your hair.

The benefits of Hibiscus treatment:
• Prevents hair loss
• Enhances growth of hair
• Discourages split ends
• Thickens hair
•  Prevents premature graying of hair
Our Herbal hair products can be used safely on all hair types & generally on all people including;
– Sensitive Skin/Chemical Allergy sufferers
– Cancer sufferers
– Old folks
– Pregnant Mothers
– Hair loss, baldness & thinning hair sufferers
– Maintain healthy scalp
*Test Patch: Remember that even though these products come from plants, they can cause some allergic reaction as well.




You can prepare your own Hibiscus Hair Pack at home with your own Hair & Scalp care recipes.
This forms total hair nourishments and helps in amazing health growth of hair.

Hair & Scalp Mask:
Hibiscus extract powder is also added to Pure Aloe Vera powder, Pure Cassia Obovata powder, Pure henna powder and other such extracts, to formulate products for scalp & hair care. Blend this extracts into smooth paste and place it on the scalp. Wash it thoroughly after 30 minutes or for longer period (*Ideal for steaming)

Hair & Scalp Rinse:
In a hot infusion, hibiscus powder can be added to boiling water and allowed to keep it for 10~15 minutes and then strained it & used directly on your scalp & hair as last rinse for every hair wash. You can use this recipe twice a week to get Beautiful, Lustrous hair.

(For External Use Only Keep Away from Children)

Our herbal hair products can be used safely on ALL hair types and, generally, on ALL people including:

  • Sensitive Skin Sufferer
  • Pregnant / Breast feeding Mothers
  • Old Folks / senior people
  • PPD / Chemical allergy sufferers
  • Cancer sufferers
  • Improve hair condition & cover grey hair
  • Strong, Shiny & healthy hair


*Test Patch: Remember that even though these colors come from plants, they can cause some allergic reactions as well.

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